The Secret Recipe for Motivation

We are almost through our first month of the new year. Sadly, February is typically the month where New Years resolutions go to die.

Sorry for being morbid, but it’s true. After the initial pump fades, it gets harder to stick to our goals that we, for some reason, now consider “far fetched.” Goals we were so passionate and determined to execute just a week or two ago. So what’s with the shift? Why do we fall back into our old ways after getting a tasty taste of the good life? It’s not that we don’t know what’s good for us, our brains understand we feel great after working out-we mentally  acknowledge that it’s something we SHOULD do on a daily basis. Still, so many of us throw our hands up and say, “I’m just not motivated enough” and pass that along as if it’s a good enough excuse.

Motivation is an awesome thing to have when we first start on anything new. Unfortunately, it’s not something that hangs around for long. So many people have asked me what my secret is to staying motivated and every time I laugh a little. Are you ready to hear my secret? Prepare to be disappointed….

Well, I’m usually not motivated.

Nobody is ALWAYS motivated to stick with their goals. Nobody is ALWAYS motivated to do anything. The difference between those that are successful and those that fall short of their dreams is that regardless of having any motivation at all the stubborn ones will get off their butts and do it anyway.

Usually, that mental fight of getting started is harder than the actual workout. So all we have to do is leave no room for that mental argument of laziness to discourage us. Here are 6 tricks to keep your eyes on the prize and your thrive alive!

#1 Log It Where You’ll See It.

Whether it’s on your calendar, in a journal, on your Instagram account, or up on the fridge, log every workout somewhere where it will stare at you straight in the face-EVERYDAY. Make sure it’s somewhere you won’t conveniently “forget” to look when you aren’t feeling it. Out of sight out of mind, right? Keep it in sight!

#2 Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Being around people that you have common goals with helps you stay focused on why you started. The more you talk about your goals with others the more likely you will be to carry out the actions towards reaching them. Plus, when the motivation is lacking they can pick you up by cheering you on with positive reinforcement… Or, literally pick you up, throw you over their shoulder, put you in the car, and drive you to the gym regardless of your pleas (true story). Either way, having a solid support system is key to success.

If your friends are totally not interested in the topic, try joining an accountability group on social media. Follow Instagram accounts that feature new workout videos on the daily and/or connect through apps like MyFitnessPal or BodySpace-where you can follow and “like” other’s daily workouts.

#3 Set Weekly  Goals

Setting short term goals is a great way stay dedicated. We tend to get overwhelmed when we focus on the big goals like losing 40 pounds or even getting more toned, after realizing that it’s not something that’s going to happen after only one, two, or 30 workouts. This one gets a lot of people. The fact that results aren’t visible or that the scale hasn’t budged tends to discourage most pursuing their dream bods. By setting weekly goals we stay connected to that, “I can do this” mindset. Goals like walking 10,000 steps a day for seven days, or completing the first week of your home workout video. keep it simple. I like to reward myself when I reach these mini mile stones with something fitness related to keep me on track. A new pair of workout pants is my favorite trophy.

#4 Put On Your Workout Gear

Don’t roll your eyes, this trick has gotten me off my butt and to the gym countless times. It’s simple enough to be overlooked but I wish more people would try it. Next time you find yourself arguing with that little voice that’s telling you to take a lazy day, just put on your workout clothes and go look in the mirror. Chances are you’re going to think “well I’m already this far.” That little thought is enough encourage a great workout that otherwise would not have happened. Worst case scenario, you end up wearing your running clothes all day having to explain to people, “No, I actually  haven’t gone running I’m just pretending I did.” Lets avoid that conversation shall we?

#5 Don’t Dwell On Slip-Ups

I’ve seen it countless times and am guilty of it myself. You have a bad day where you go off your diet and it turns into a bad couple days, then suddenly its been a week of terrible eating and hardly any physical activity. Now you’re back where you started.”So whats the point? I’ve failed, I give up.” Right? Wrong. We are only human! If its not your own guilty pleasures that try to knock you down it will be flu season, or your kids, or the piles of homework that seem to take all your time. The point is, you have to let it roll off your shoulders and get your head back in the game. You will bounce back stronger than ever! Consider it a learning experience and move on.

#6 Love and Enjoy The Process

While your brain knows it SHOULD workout everyday that doesn’t exactly motivate someone who really enjoys sleeping in right up until they have to go to work. Ultimately, you’re more inclined to prioritize things you enjoy doing over activities you feel like you HAVE TO do. With that said, decide on workouts that you enjoy doing. It’s not a one size fits all. Not everyone enjoys weight lifting, or even gyms for that matter. Try hiking, biking, or HIIT workouts that you can do at home. Looking forward to your daily exercises is the key to greatness.

Now get off your ass and move.


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